We are what we eat. Here at Meadowstone Farm we take great care to pasture raise all of our animals and encourage you to come by and see our operation. We feed our pigs, goats, and chickens organic grain from Morrisons Custom Feed, while pasture raising and feeding our cows hay. We offer quality organic grain fed meats in our farmstand and various other establishments in the area. We are excited to now offer a Meat CSA a monthly box of meat with a variety of quality and organic meats for members to enjoy.

In collaboration with Cross Farm and Wozz Kitchen Creations, we are pleased to offer a Meat CSA Share with a variety of organically raised Pork, Chicken, Lamb and Beef. Grass fed, pasture raised Beef and Pasture Raised Organic Grain Fed Pork from Meadowstone Farm and Certified Organic, pasture raised Chicken and Lamb from Cross Farm in Barnet VT.

Cross Farm, located in Barnet VT, is a small certified organic livestock farm producing 100% grass-fed lamb and pasture raised poultry and heritage pork. Owner Zach Mangione focuses on rotation of his animals on his 16 acre farm and takes the utmost care to produce the highest quality organic certified meats.

Wozz Kitchen Creations creates award winning sauces, marinades, vinegars, and condiments. Produced locally in Twin Mountain NH, these award winning, nationally recognized products will excite your taste buds. In January 2018, the Beet Vinegar, made with Meadowstone Farm beets, "beet" out a competitive national field and won the Good Food Award.

For information on how we raise our animals and grow the food we produce, check out Beyond Organic and Pastured Animals.

You will receive 3 monthly pickups starting the month of your choice. Each monthly pickup will contain Chicken, Pork, Beef, and Lamb. Made up of a combination of the following cuts:             

  • Chicken: Whole Birds, Breasts, Thighs, Wings, Legs

  • Pork: Chops, Country Style Ribs, Ribs, Bacon, Ground Pork, Sweet Italian Sausage, Hot Italian Sausage, Breakfast Sausage.

  • Lamb: Chops, Ground

  • Beef: Ground Beef, Top Sirloin, Flank Steak, Beef Shank

In addition to the varied cuts of pasture raised and organic meats, organ meat or Pork Lard, and a bottle of Wozz Kitchen Creations marinade/sauce/vinegar will be included.

We want you to enjoy your meat CSA share as much as possible and will include a newsletter in the form of an email sent to you a few days prior to your pickup that will include information about the cuts of meat as well as recipes.

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