What will I find in my CSA share each week?

A selection of Seasonal fresh Vegetables and Fruits. If you sign up for the Add On shares (Goat Cheese, Eggs, Flowers) you will also receive those items. Other things like Meat, Seedlings, Compost, MSF Swag can all be purchased in our farmstand.

How does pick-up work?

The Summer CSA pickup will be similar to a farmers market, in that you'll be able to choose most of your vegetables from display boxes. Some products will be previously bagged(ex. salad greens). The spring and fall CSA may have more products already weighed and set aside for you.

What if I don't like a particular vegetable?

There will be a swap table at the time of pickup where you can put an item you know you won't eat and grab something else off of it that you might like.

What should I use to bring home my produce? Will they be bagged for me?

We ask that you bring a bag or bags with you to take your CSA share home in, however we will always have bags for those times you forget.

What if I am on vacation for a week(s)?

We know vacations happen and you have a few options: 1. We are happy to hold your share for you to pickup at a later date. 2. Give us a 48 hr heads up and you can donate your share to the local food pantry. 3. Give your share to a friend and have them pick it up(they'll love you for it!)

I signed up for just one season of the CSA and loved it--can I sign up for more?

Absolutely! You can sign up (as long as there is still space) for a CSA any time before it begins.

What is the difference between the weekly CSA and Farm Bucks?

Members of a CSA season, receive a weekly basket of vegetables, fruits, and depending on the season, Eggs, Goat Cheese, and Flowers. This is a set basket picked up at the farm on either Mondays, Tuesdays, or Thursdays. Members receive 15%-22% off retail prices. There is a set beginning and end to the CSA pickups in each season. In addition,m members receiuve a newsletter with recipes and farm happenings.

Farm Buck money is available for purchase online or at the farm and participants receive an additional 10% or 15% dfepending on how much they spend. Farm Bucks can be used on any product we sell in the farm stand and have no expiration date. They can be purchased at any point in the year. Entered into the participants account, Farm Bucks are easy to keep track of, no need to bring money to the farm stand as money is already in the participants account. Account holders recieve emailed receipts with each purchase made while logged in and can accrue a negatiove balance which can be paid off at the end of each month.

The CSA has already started, but I saw the flowers blooming and the eggs in the stand and would love to add them to my weekly bounty--can I do that?

Just give us a call, send an email, or let us know when you pickup that you would like to sign up for the add on CSA share. We can prorate the cost to fit the remaining time in the CSA season.

When will I know what is in my share?

We do our best to notify members by email 2 days before the pickup. The email will include the contents of the weeks share, some happenings on the farm, and a recipe or two for you to try. Occasionally we have to make a last minute change to the selections and will have it written on the CSA board at pick-up.

What if I don't know how to use a particular vegetable?

Our hope is to provide you with nutritious, tasty, fresh food, some of which you might use regularly, however know there may be some unfamiliar items. We hope the recipe(s) in the newsletter will provide some ideas of how to use what is in your share. You can also ask the farmer at pickup.

How does PYO work? (walking, what to wear, time committment?)

Blueberries, Beans and Flowers(add-on) are some of the PYO crops we typically offer through the CSA. We advise folks to wear footwear that can get a little dirty and clothing suitable for moving around in. We will provide scissors or knives to be used if they are necessary. In the weekly newsletter it will be clear what is PYO. There will be weeks with no PYO items and then there might be a week with up to two PYO crops. The PYO fields are close the the pick-up area and you'll need about 10-20 minutes. If you are unable to PYO on that day you can come back anytime that week to grab your goodies.

What if I realize that I missed my pick-up?

Give us a call or stop by, we will hold on to shares not picked up for 24 hours, after that we donate your share to the local food pantry.

What if I want extra of a particular vegetable to make a big meal or canning/fermenting/freezing?

There will be opportunities throughout the season to purchase items in bulk for canning, freezing, and soups. Keep an eye out for this in emails or signs at pickup.

Can I sign up late?

If not full, Online signups will close 5 days before the CSA season (Spring or Summer or Fall). If you are interested in signing up after the online registration has closed, contact us via phone (603) 444-0786.

Where do I go to pick up my box? Can I pick up somewhere other than the farm?

Currently the only place to pickup a CSA share is at the Farm. When you enter the farm, look for the CSA signs for the pickup location. It will be obvious. We maybe be offering a pick-up in Lancaster NH for an additional cost if there is enough interest.

What will I eat in the winter????

As farmers we continue to work hard to extend the season, but do not currently have a winter CSA. However our stand is open 365/8-5:30. Our Farm Buck program is a great way to shop at the stand and still get a 15% discount on all items.

Is the quality better in the stand than the farm share? Are the offerings different?

We strive to provide the freshest produce possible to all of our customers whether it be a CSA member, farmstand visitor, wholesale account, or restaurant account. The quality of freshness does not differ between each outlet. In some cases we might offer B grade carrots or tomatoes to the CSA and it will indicated in the weekly newsletter.

When can I visit the farm?

MSF is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year, from 8:00 am - 5:30 pm. The animals don't take holidays and neither do we! You are more than welcome to come visit us and walk around the farm anytime during business hours. During the months without snow, there is a self guided tour you can take, found at the kiosk outside the farmstand. If you would like a farmer led tour for your school or organization, give us a call or send an email.

Are there herbs in my share?

Bunches or bags of herbs will show up in your share ideally on a weekly basis. Basil, cilantro, chives, dill and rosemary are the main herbs that we grow. If you would like larger quantities of an herb(pesto making!), contact us via email or phone or inquire at pickup.

How does produce vary over the seasons in Northern NH?

We wish we could provide everything all year long without breaking the bank. We grow seasonally and are able to provide vegetables and crops that generally go with the seasons. If you look at the CSA descriptions, you will get a better idea of what is available when. Check out what we plant