Animal Manger: Job Description.  Hiring for 2018 season.

In general this position will oversee all aspects of animals at Meadowstone Farm.  These animals currently include goats, layers, pigs and beef cows.  We have approximately 30 milking does, 300 layers, 3 breeding sows, 13 Milking Devon cows(raised for beef).  All aspects of this position will be done with a Meadowstone Farm ethos, in that animals will be treated humanly and with respect, allowed to be themselves, have easy access to the outside and have close monitoring of their health.  A person will succeed in this position with patience, observation skills, organization, creative problem solving, attention to detail, diligence and sense of humor.  This position reports directly to owner and Farm Manger with questions, concerns and plans.  Primary responsibilities are for goats and pigs, secondary responsibility for cows and layers.

Tractor and animal experience required.  Will train the right person for milking duties.

General duties include:

            -Developing and maintaining a feeding schedule for all animals

            -Developing and maintaining a housing and rotational plan for all animals

            -Maintaining housing and fencing of all animals

            -Developing and maintaining a cleaning schedule of animal housing, feeders and waterers.

            -Developing a schedule for daily chores(for when not on duty)

            -Developing a record system for inputs(i.e. grain) and outputs(i.e. eggs, meats) of animals

            -Developing breeding schedule and maintaining a record system for goats, pigs and cows.

Specific Duties include:

            -Milking duties for goats.  Including some weekend work and split shifts

            -Food scrap run and produce delivery

            -All daily chores when on duty

Work Schedule:  Will vary with the seasons, but is usually mid-March through mid-December.  Full time work(40-55 hours/week) can be expected between April 1-November 1.  Other work week lengths dictated by tasks needed.  There is the possibility for limited part-time work through the winter.  Schedule will include 2 concurrent days off/week(unless extenuating circumstances).  Unpaid time off during the summer will be considered. 

Example of weekly schedule:

Sun     Mon   Tuesday         Wed                Thursday       Fri                   Sat

 off      off       6-1, 6-8pm     6-1, 6-8pm     6-1                   12-8                 6-1, 6-8pm


            -$12-15/hr with potential housing option.  Paid sick time accrued as hours are worked.

            -All purchasing benefits of employees at MSF.  50% discount on all vegetables, 15% discount on meat, eggs and cheese.

            -potential for partial pay(no more than 75%) of health insurance by employer.  Percentage is based on seasons worked at farm(10 % per season, starting at 30% after one year) .

If interested please contact us with letter of interest, resume, and three references(2 work related, one personal)

Seasonal laborers

Meadowstone Farm offers 3-5 positions for interested folks each season. Duties include picking rocks, pulling weeds, chasing pigs, gutting chickens, singing in the rain, taste-testing tomatoes and all other duties deemed essential by management. Pay is $8-10/hr and some summer housing is available in lieu of a wage portion. The best time to contact us for employment is early spring. 




We offer various opportunities for folks looking for an agricultural experience, ranging from a weekend crash-course to a couple months internship type arrangement. Expectations vary depending on how long WWOOFs are staying, but in general expect to work 4-6 hours a day in exchange for summer housing, farm food, and a small stipend to buy additional foods in town. Facilities include a shower, composting toilet, kitchen and Wi-Fi. Download our WWOOF questionnaire here and see below for pictures of housing options.  A little video tour of the "ghetto" by a past WWOOFer, Susan Baxley, can be seen here.


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